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  • Clean all optical surfaces
  • Lubricate thrust bearings and Geneva assembly
  • Clean and adjust stop index rollers
  • Lubricate turret assembly
  • Confirm cylinder lens axis calibration
  • Lubricate and adjust Jackson Cross Cylinder spring tension
  • Confirm Jackson Cross Cylinder axis calibration
  • Reassemble Phoroptor/Refractor check indexes and adjust if necessary
  • Check for proper operation
  • Clean exterior


In addition to the Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance, the following procedures are accomplished:

  • Remove and disassemble turret and cylinder axis synchronization assembly
  • Remove lubricants and clean all parts
  • Lubricate and reassemble parts
  • Remove cylinder axis drive gear assembly
  • Clean and lubricate drive gear assembly
  • Replace axis drive gear assembly and verify axis calibration
  • Replace synchronization assembly
  • Verify that axis knob correctly lines up with axis scale. Adjust alignment of synchronization assembly to accomplish correct alignment
  • Adjust axis rotation tension
  • Lubricate cylinder power scale
  • Lubricate cylinder thrust bearings
  • Lubricate and adjust PD/Bank assembly movement